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Baseball Program

Ottawa Baseball Performance Group® is an Ottawa-based baseball partnership with 20+ years’ experience, and a proven track record for developing organizations, programs, and athletes. OBPG are market disrupters who introduced new training and development standards for youth baseball including the first competitive rep teams below 14U (St. Anthony Baseball Academy) and the largest and most comprehensive youth baseball camps (Jr. Ravens) in the city, hosting over 400 players per year. We are committed to diversity. We are responsible for rostering the first female pitcher in Canadian university history and the first to hire an Indigenous head coach of a University baseball team.

Playing ball every day at school?

Sounds like a dream right? It doesn’t have to be. Join OSA Private School and our exclusive Partnership with Ottawa Baseball Performance Group® for the love of the game. Register early to avoid waitlist.

Our dedication revolves around four fundamental pillars that form the foundation of baseball



At the heart of our mission is a commitment to provide top-tier training programs designed to nurture and cultivate baseball athletes. We will offer a comprehensive range of training initiatives, including technical skill development, physical conditioning, and mental toughness, ensuring that every player receives the guidance they need to thrive on the field.



We place a strong emphasis on player development. We are a data-driven, educational program designed to shape well-rounded competitors in the world of baseball. Through cutting-edge technology, including sensors and apps, we will track the OSA student-athlete’s strength, fatigue, and recovery data to create customized training programs that cater to each student-athlete’s unique needs. Additionally, we employ high-speed video analysis of pitching mechanics to provide reliable, accurate, and actionable insights into human movement. This integrated approach ensures that our players receive comprehensive and personalized guidance, allowing them to reach their full potential in the sport.



To rise to the top in the competitive world of baseball, players need opportunities to showcase their talents. We will provide avenues for OSA athletes to gain exposure through competitive leagues, tournaments, and events. These platforms will enable student athletes to compete against peers from various backgrounds, test their abilities, and catch the ever watchful eye of college recruiters.



We take pride in being a bridge between promising young talents and the world of collegiate and professional baseball. With OSA and their academic stronghold, we will engage with college recruiters and scouts to help talented individuals receive the recognition they deserve. Through personalized guidance and support, we assist players in navigating the intricate recruitment process, opening doors to a future in the sport they love.

OSA Private School is an international and domestic private school specializing in sports. Homestay is available to international students seeking education opportunities in Canada. OSA Private School reserves the right to select students for Admission at their discretion. A minimum number of students is needed for our Sports Development Programs to run; likewise, a maximum number of spots will be available. Based on the number of registrations, student-athletes may be delayed Admission or allowed to select an alternate sport to gain Admission each School Calendar Year. Sports may incur additional costs for tournaments & travel. These costs are subject to annual programming changes and support the team programs as they grow. We are proud to have long term partnerships in place to support our growth and we look forward to offering you an entirely unique academic & athletic student experience in Canada’s National Capital. Come be a part of the OSA legacy and join our esteemed alumni on your path to academic & athletic excellence. For information regarding admission investment in academics and/or athletics, please click “Apply Now” or email: info@osaprivateschool.com

The lasting impacts of Baseball

Sasha D.

My son spent 1-2 hours a week with Ottawa Baseball Performance Group® where he was both taught as well as challenged in all aspects of the game, hitting, fielding, throwing, mechanics and both general and baseball specific training and conditioning. My son liked Andre because he was obviously knowledgeable, fun as well as tough at the same time. When having one on one sessions he always looked forward to the various drills that Andre would prepare for him.

Daylon Courchene

In the last 5 years… George has taken the baseball program at Carleton to a whole new level… introducing different ways to make revenue for the program and developing our youth baseball camps… Without George the program would not be where it is today

Chris Gallant

George Rigakos has been instrumental in promoting the game of baseball within the Ottawa community… helping develop numerous baseball players, including my son, through programs like St Anthony and Jr. Ravens. George’s commitment to program and player development has contributed greatly to the baseball landscape in the region.

Chris Chapman

Andre has, over his long and successful coaching career set himself apart by providing high level baseball
training, while being on trend, and innovative to keep our players above their competition when it
comes to the fundamentals of baseball both physically and mentally.

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