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Music Program

We believe in nurturing not just academic excellence but also fostering a love for music. Our group music lessons offer a symphony of opportunities for students to immerse themselves in the captivating world of melodies, rhythms, and harmonies. Led by seasoned instructors, our group music lessons are designed to cater to students of all skill levels.

Variety of Instruments and styles

Our array of instrument-focused sessions allows students to explore and master their preferred musical medium.


Every 8 weeks our instructors will provide a progress report and share this with our students/families, so that we can monitor progress and ensure the student is developing well.

Collaborative Learning

Music is a language that thrives on collaboration. Our group setting fosters teamwork, encouraging students to learn from each other, perform together, and develop essential interpersonal skills while honing their musical abilities.

Holistic Development

Beyond mastering notes and chords, our lessons emphasize the holistic development of each student. Creativity, discipline, problem-solving, and emotional expression are all cultivated through the artistry of music.

Performance Opportunities

Showcase your talent! Regular recital opportunities enable students to display their musical prowess and build confidence on stage.

Integrated Curriculum

Our music curriculum aligns with broader educational goals, integrating music theory and cultural appreciation to offer a comprehensive understanding of the rich tapestry of musical traditions. o Instrument rental (if necessary) o Sheet music, scores, method books

Music every day at school?

Sounds like a dream right? It doesn’t have to be. Join OSA Private School and our exclusive Partnership with Kanata School of Music and express the art of dance daily. Register early to avoid waitlist.

Driven by Excellence

Ottawa Sports Academy’s dance students are trained by Capital City Dance’s (CCD) highly trained and accredited instructors. CCD is a community leader for Ottawa dance classes and summer dance camps. Michael Falcucci and Gabe Wolinsky share their passion for dance and help nurture the next generation of dancers in Ottawa. They are both excited to bring their expertise and passion to the classroom and help launch the first Grade 4 -12 school in Ottawa that offers elite dance training with academics.


Students train in ballet, jazz, hip-hop, and contemporary dance, bolstered by daily strength and conditioning classes. They train with highly trained and accredited instructors from Capital City Dance (CCD), a community leader for Ottawa dance classes and summer dance camps. Headed by Michael Falcucci and Gabe Wolinsky, they help nurture the next generation of dancers. In addition, students will be offered guidance when applying to post-secondary programs.

Additional OSA Benefits


Capitol City Dance apparel for each student


Field trips to NAC, CCD Studio, including access to special dance workshops


Priority access to competitive and elite development clinics and camps offered by CCD

OSA Private School is an international and domestic private school specializing in sports. Homestay is available to international students seeking education opportunities in Canada. OSA Private School reserves the right to select students for Admission at their discretion. A minimum number of students is needed for our Sports Development Programs to run; likewise, a maximum number of spots will be available. Based on the number of registrations, student-athletes may be delayed Admission or allowed to select an alternate sport to gain Admission each School Calendar Year. Sports may incur additional costs for tournaments & travel. These costs are subject to annual programming changes and support the team programs as they grow. We are proud to have long term partnerships in place to support our growth and we look forward to offering you an entirely unique academic & athletic student experience in Canada’s National Capital. Come be a part of the OSA legacy and join our esteemed alumni on your path to academic & athletic excellence. For information regarding admission investment in academics and/or athletics, please click “Apply Now” or email: info@osaprivateschool.com

How we Move a Community

Alex Artyshchuk

Great school, would highly recommend! Fantastic and very professional teachers! Right balance and good combination between the routine and fun makes the lessons productive and exciting for the kids. Thank you Tim and looking forward to continuing this musical journey with you and your school!

Sarah Currie

My son has had a great experience here. He has developed an appreciation for not only music, but for the value of practicing and putting in the effort to improve.

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