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Computer Science

In Grade 5 Computer Science, students will continue to cover important computer programming concepts such as variables. Students will build fun games and stories. Student...


In Grade 5, our students will practice speaking about themselves, their friends and family and express their interests. Students will discover facts, tales and myths abou...

Language Arts

In Grade 5 Language, our students will explore different texts and forms of media. They will start their journey to mastery of the English language.


In Grade 5 Math, our students will continue to improve their math skills by investigating numbers and operations found in technology and the real world. They will learn m...


In Grade 5 Science, our students are introduced to the human body and its organs. They will study how forces affect structures and mechanisms. In addition, they will lear...

Social Studies

In Grade 5 Social Studies,students will learn about Indigenous peoples, European settlers and their interactions. They will analyze the impacts of these interactions in t...

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