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Strength & Conditioning Program

OSA Private School is partnered with Fitquest Inc.® to provide strength and conditioning for all our students and athletes. Our Elite Athlete Sports Performance is focused on athletes seeking the highest level of performance development in their chosen sport. We first assess each athlete, setting specific, attainable goals: we then coach, mentor, and train our athletes using scientifically proven clear fundamentals and practices in our fully equipped training facility. All of our coaches understand how to work collaboratively with Medical Professionals, Educators as well our athletes individual Skills/Sports Coaches. This provides a sound environment of communication in striving for optimal development!

OSA Private School is an international and domestic private school specializing in sports. Homestay is available to international students seeking education opportunities in Canada. OSA Private School reserves the right to select students for Admission at their discretion. A minimum number of students is needed for our Sports Development Programs to run; likewise, a maximum number of spots will be available. Based on the number of registrations, student-athletes may be delayed Admission or allowed to select an alternate sport to gain Admission each School Calendar Year. Sports may incur additional costs for tournaments & travel. These costs are subject to annual programming changes and support the team programs as they grow. We are proud to have long term partnerships in place to support our growth and we look forward to offering you an entirely unique academic & athletic student experience in Canada’s National Capital. Come be a part of the OSA legacy and join our esteemed alumni on your path to academic & athletic excellence. For information regarding admission investment in academics and/or athletics, please click “Apply Now” or email: info@osaprivateschool.com

Strength is our Condition

Gen Robichaud

I’ve trained at Fitquest for 2 off-seasons now & it has made a significant difference in my game. The trainers created a well-rounded training program hitting all the specific needs for my sport of ringette. Now, since my start at fitquest, I got selected to play on Team Ontario and then proceeded to be selected on Team Canada!

Will Batley

As a young athlete the coaches at Fitquest have helped me understand how to train and take care of myself. Everything from eating better to knowing how to better prepare for my competitions.

Ethan Manderville

I have trained with Fitquest since I was 15 years old. From my days of junior hockey to being a Senior at Colgate Fitquest has always been there to guide and support me!

Heidi Knoll

Fitquest has helped develop my skills and confidence on and off the ice. The coaches at Fitquest truly care about us as athletes and as people!

Mark Stone

Fitquest has been my place to train in the offseason since my early years in professional hockey. I trust that they have the expertise to prepare me for the season and into playoffs!

Mya Vaslet

The coaches at Fitquest have been an integral part of my journey of being an Elite Student Athlete! They have always communicated with my Team & Skiils Coaches to ensure everyone is on the same page with my development and goals!

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