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High Dosage Tutoring

Program makes tutoring accessible to all students


Close the Learning Gap!!

OSA’s High Dosage Tutoring Program makes tutoring accessible to all students 24/7/365, on any device. Live subject expert tutors are available whenever and wherever students need them. No scheduling is required.

Please contact us for more information.

Please contact info@OSA Private School info@ottawasportsacademy.com

Studying in Canada

OSA Private School has partnered with a cutting-edge Grade 1-12 Education tutoring company that is at the forefront of making education equitable and unlocking student potential.


Personalized and unlimited

Students get as much help as they need and have tutors’ full attention with unlimited, 1:1 support in their preferred language.


How it works

Students decide when and how to get help through the online platform, 24/7/365. Our KAI teachers get incredible insights that help them support student progress. No limits on session length. Login as often as needed. High-dosage tutoring ensures students understand the concepts behind their questions.

What is high-dosage tutoring?

High-dosage tutoring (HDT), also known as high-impact tutoring, is an evidence-based practice that helps schools address learning gaps—and accelerate learning generally—through more intensive and personalized support for students. 

Studies have shown that HDT programs accelerate learning, combat educational inequities, and are highly cost-effective relative to other educational interventions. Not surprisingly, school districts have been adopting high-impact tutoring at unprecedented rates.


Students connect to a live tutor in less than the time, it takes to watch a TikTok video. Students are intelligently matched with a qualified tutor in under a minute so they stay engaged and determined to make progress.

Help that’s an instant message away. Students communicate with Paper tutors through chat so they feel like they have a friend they can text anytime for help.

Students learn Growth mindset and 21st-century skills

Tutors help students work through challenges and cultivate curiosity in a flexible, feature-rich online classroom that develops students’ collaboration and communication skills.

Students are in the driver’s seat. Students decide how much help they need with no cap on the duration or frequency of sessions. Students can bookmark and search across Live Help sessions to refer back to learning moments.

Writing support from ELA specialists. Students become stronger writers through frequent feedback and extra practice—while teachers need not worry about finding extra time to review early drafts.

Unlimited access to high-quality 1:1 instruction. Students can ask any question, any time across all subject areas and grade levels—receiving on-demand help from an expert tutor with deep content knowledge.

Helping students become better readers and writers: Personalized and unlimited

Practice with different types of writing is critical for students to develop strong literacy skills. With Paper’s Essay Review, teachers can assign as much writing practice as students need—and receive higher-quality submissions that cut downgrading time.



All types of writing can be reviewed. Students can get feedback on any kind of writing in multiple languages.



Same or next-day feedback. Paper’s ELA specialists provide detailed and user-friendly annotations with grade-appropriate feedback.



Unlimited submissions. Students get plenty of practice writing, while teachers can monitor their progress every step of the way.

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