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In Grade 6 Arts, students will learn to apply the creative process to the composition of short dance pieces, using the elements of dance to communicate feelings and ideas...

Computer Science

In Grade 6 Computer Science, students will have opportunities to apply employability skills and research possible career options in the information technology area. They ...


In Grade 6 French, our students will talk about their friends and hobbies. They will plan an outdoor adventure and read various tourism media texts. They will also learn ...


In Grade 6 Health, students will learn about the benefits of inclusion and positive interactions and about conflict management strategies. Moreover, they will learn about...

Language Arts

In Grade 6 Language, our students will explore different texts and forms of media, read two novels,  and they will continue their journey to mastery of the the English la...


In Grade 6 Math, students will continue their math journey by exploring large numbers, operations, and measurements through various games and projects. They will use a...


In grade 6 Science, students will study biodiversity in individuals, species, and ecosystems. Through research and activities, they will learn about flight technologies a...

Social Studies

In Grade 6 Social Studies, students will learn to investigate what Canada is and the contributions of different Canadian communities throughout the past and into the pres...

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