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Computer Science

In Grade 4 Computer Science, students will continue to cover important computer programming concepts such as variables. Students will build fun games and stories. Student...


In Grade 4 French, our students will learn how to say and write basic expressions in different contexts. They will study vocabulary about themselves, their classroom, fam...

Language Arts

In Grade 4 Language, our students will explore different texts and forms of media. They will use active reading strategies to discover various novels and short stories.


In Grade 4 Math, students will use knowledge of numbers and operations to solve mathematical problems in everyday situations. They will also learn to measure and recogniz...


In Grade 4 Science, students will learn to explore the importance of science in the world around them. They will discover how plants and animals combine to become habitat...

Social Studies

In Grade 4 social studies, students will explore different societies that existed until 1500 CE, including at least one First Nation and one Inuit society. They will inve...

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