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International Dual Diploma

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Graduation and Beyond!

Welcome to the International Dual-Diploma Program, a unique educational opportunity for high school students seeking a comprehensive academic experience. Our program, offered in collaboration with KAI Global, an accredited Canadian OSSD high school provider, empowers students to earn a Canadian Ontario Secondary School Diploma (OSSD) alongside their local high school certification.

Live Interaction

Are you on track for your diploma?


Enjoy 2 hours of weekly lecture sessions led by Canadian teachers.


Monthly guidance sessions provide personalized support for academic growth.


No office hours—reach out to teachers and Academic Coordinators anytime via email.

Benefits of the Program

Building your future

Global Recognition
  • Achieve a Canadian OSSD, globally acknowledged for its high standards and quality education.
  • Dual diplomas enhance your academic profile, opening doors to international universities and career opportunities.
  • Customize your academic journey by selecting 4-7 subjects online from KAI Global.
  • Match these courses with your local high school subjects to create a comprehensive and globally accepted curriculum.
  • Significantly improve your English language skills through interactive online assignments and live sessions.
  • Benefit from monthly live guidance sessions with Canadian teachers to enhance language competence.
  • Develop essential technological skills through our online platform, preparing you for the demands of the modern world.
  • Cultivate a well-rounded education with a focus on personal development, knowledge enrichment, and competence building.

Program Structure:

Coursework and Evaluation

Complete assignments and tests on our user-friendly online platform. Receive prompt evaluation from Canadian teachers, providing valuable feedback for improvement.

Live Instruction

Engage in live video conferences with Canadian teachers throughout your studies. Monthly lecture sessions cover relevant course content, ensuring a dynamic and interactive learning experience.

Guidance and Support

Benefit from personalized tutoring and support in monthly guidance sessions. Address areas requiring improvement, receive reinforcement, feedback, and set academic goals.

How it works?


Tailor your program to meet your individual needs and aspirations. Choose from various options based on your academic goals.

Top-Ranked Canadian Curriculum

Access a curriculum consistently ranked among the best in global education studies. Elevate your learning experience with courses designed for academic excellence.

Credit Transfer

Transfer credits seamlessly to obtain a second diploma in your home country. Eliminate travel and residence costs while benefiting from a comparatively efficient course structure.

Prior Learning Assessment & Recognition (PLAR)

Obtain formal recognition for knowledge and skills acquired outside the Canadian secondary school system. Enhance your academic profile with PLAR accreditation.

University and College Program

Prepare for Canadian university applications with an Ontario Secondary School Diploma. Gain an advantage with an OUAC account for a smooth transition to Canadian universities.

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Language Arts

In Grade 7 Language Arts, our students will explore language in various ways. Students will develop their understanding of literary forms such as descriptive writing, fic...

Computer Science

In Grade 7 Computer Science, students will learn the basics of programming with  Karel the Dog,  the basics of designing a web page, and how information is represented di...


In Grade 7 geography, students will explore opportunities and challenges presented by the physical environment and how people worldwide have responded to them. They will ...


In Grade 7 Health, students will understand the factors that contribute to healthy development, personal responsibility for lifelong health, and a respect for their healt...


In Grade 7 French, our students will explore ideas to be healthy. They will express their interests and hobbies. They will plan an activity in a French-speaking community...


In Grade 7 history, students will examine social, political, economic, and legal changes in Canada between 1713 and 1850. They will explore the experiences and challenges...


In Grade 7 Science, the students will learn about the numerous effects humans have on the environment. They will investigate pure substances and mixtures. They will explo...


In Grade 7 Math, students will explore numbers up to one billion. They will further explore their knowledge of fractions, decimals, and percentages and their understandin...


In Grade 7 Language, our students, will explore arts in various ways by creating artworks using various traditional forms and current media technologies to express feelin...

Language Arts

In Grade 6 Language, our students will explore different texts and forms of media, read two novels,  and they will continue their journey to mastery of the the English la...

Computer Science

In Grade 6 Computer Science, students will have opportunities to apply employability skills and research possible career options in the information technology area. They ...

Social Studies

In Grade 6 Social Studies, students will learn to investigate what Canada is and the contributions of different Canadian communities throughout the past and into the pres...

Language Arts

In Grade 8 Language, our students will further cement their language knowledge, skills and strategies. They will study oral, print, media texts, non-fiction texts as well...


In Grade 6 Health, students will learn about the benefits of inclusion and positive interactions and about conflict management strategies. Moreover, they will learn about...


In Grade 6 French, our students will talk about their friends and hobbies. They will plan an outdoor adventure and read various tourism media texts. They will also learn ...

Computer Science

In Grade 8 Coding, students will learn the basics of programming in the Python language. With the help of “Tracy”, a virtual turtle, they will learn to instruct and use v...


In Grade 8 geography, students will explore the relationship between Earth’s physical features and processes and human settlement patterns around the world. They will inv...


In Grade 8 Health, students will learn to develop a detailed understanding of warning signs and risks of substance abuse. In addition, they will understand human developm...


In Grade 8 French, our students will write and speak about healthy practices. They will explore career and volunteering opportunities in French-speaking communities. They...


In Grade 8 history, students will build on their understanding of early Canadian history. They will examine how social, political, economic, and legal changes between 185...


In Grade 8 Science, students will focus on the structure and function of cells in plants and animals to further their understanding of creatures. They’ll learn about flui...


In Grade 8 Math, the students will finish their intermediate math journey by utilizing scientific notation to explore extremely large and extremely small numbers. They wi...


In Grade 8 Arts, students will demonstrate an understanding of a variety of dance forms, traditions, and styles from the past and present and their sociocultural and hist...


In grade 6 Science, students will study biodiversity in individuals, species, and ecosystems. Through research and activities, they will learn about flight technologies a...

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