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Hockey Program

The Ottawa Senators® Hockey Programs are dedicated to providing every OSA student-athlete with an unparalleled opportunity to develop as a hockey player. Through academic and athletic excellence, we will provide world-class instruction on and off the ice in an exclusively unique environment – a school with four ice rinks and a strength and conditioning studio! ICE every day, Monday through Thursday, every week. At school! Through efficient use of ice time and high-tempo drills with quality activity, the Ottawa Senators Hockey Programs® are designed to maximize each player’s physical and mental development.

Age-Specific Curriculum

A detailed development program plan featuring all skills & tactics will be delivered during the school year and is available for viewing by appointment with the OSA Hockey Development staff.

Don’t hesitate to contact info@osaprivateschool.com to have your appointment coordinated with one of our senior OSA hockey staff.

The Program design, administration, and delivery will be by professional head coaches and instructors from the Ottawa Senators Hockey Program. The program includes but is not limited to:

1. On-Ice development four days/per week
2. Program curriculum design adapted for season-long progression
3. Professional goaltending coach
4. Position-specific instructions
5. On-Ice testing includes assessments, tracking, and parent/player reports
6. Individualized skill development developed through formal and informal player assessments
7. Regular guest instructors like Ottawa Senators Alumni, hockey staff, etc.

Fitquest Inc. provides professional strength, conditioning, and athletic training. The program includes but is not limited to:

1. Four days/week per group in the Fitquest studio or Sensplex Fieldhouse
2. Off-season training plan to address areas of need to ensure optimal development.
3. Seminars related to athletic performance – sports nutrition, sports psychology, etc.
1. Ottawa Senators Hockey Program apparel for each student
2. Field trips to Canadian Tire Centre, including access to open practice, gym workout, video session
3. Junior Hockey Instructor staff opportunities for High School-aged students
4. OSHP Programs – a mentorship program to develop future coaches
5. Priority access to competitive and elite development clinics and camps offered by OSHP

Course info


Academy hockey program runs from September to June, featuring;


Approx. 38 weeks of 4 one-hour ice sessions per week.


Monday to Thursday, Excluding holidays and school breaks.


Approximately 138 hours of instruction throughout the school year

Program Approach & Structure Hockey Programs

Focused on advanced individual skills & tactics which complement each student’s development:

Off-ice training

In-tune with each athletes’ existing physical load, such that academy ice sessions will be designed to not over-tax their body and negatively impact performance in their team setting. The athletic portion of the academy should be similar in nature to a regular phys-ed curriculum which features high and low activity rates depending on the topics being covered. Unique to OSA however is that our coaches on and off the ice will maintain a focus on purposeful preparation for competition.

Program season-long curriculum designed and delivered by an elite-team of hockey development experts; unmatched in the industry. Together, these individuals will form the OSA Hockey Development Committee (OHDC) which is established for the sole purpose of helping to shape the season-long curriculum which each member will be involved in delivering. Our coaching staff is listed below.

Three primary phases of development




October to February or March


April to June

OSA Private School is an international and domestic private school specializing in sports. Homestay is available to international students seeking education opportunities in Canada. OSA Private School reserves the right to select students for Admission at their discretion. A minimum number of students is needed for our Sports Development Programs to run; likewise, a maximum number of spots will be available. Based on the number of registrations, student-athletes may be delayed Admission or allowed to select an alternate sport to gain Admission each School Calendar Year. Sports may incur additional costs for tournaments & travel. These costs are subject to annual programming changes and support the team programs as they grow. We are proud to have long term partnerships in place to support our growth and we look forward to offering you an entirely unique academic & athletic student experience in Canada’s National Capital. Come be a part of the OSA legacy and join our esteemed alumni on your path to academic & athletic excellence. For information regarding admission investment in academics and/or athletics, please click “Apply Now” or email: info@osaprivateschool.com

What the community says about our Campus

Culp Family

Nice to see so many people enjoying hockey and soccer at the same time

Sarah L.

Great facility offering elite hockey training programs.

Stanley M.

Wonderful four rink facility close just down the street from Canadian Tire Centre, home of the Ottawa Senators. The facility has a restaurant, concession stand downstairs, three NHL sized rinks and one international size, viewing from balconies or restaurant upstairs, and a field house. A great facility in the west end that hosts many tournaments throughout the year.

Warren P.

Excellent hockey/skating facility; probably the best in the city! 4 ice pads, a field house, large dressing room, great ice quality, a good restaurant, doctors office, etc.!!

Bill I.

Wicked facility..clean ..well kept..staff extremely polite and professional

Eric G.

One of the best sports complexes in the city. 4 rinks, indoor soccer field, beach volleyball outside in summer!

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