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KAI global school International Model

KAI global school Objectives for Offering the OSSD

KAI Global School International Model was designed with a unique partnership model between KAI Global School and international partner schools to provide customized education that focuses on developing transformative skills.

Provide a student-centred education in blended learning environment. Our teachers and support staff are dedicated to making our students feel safe, meaningful & valued. We teach our students to be curious, confident, resilient & independent learners by providing a stimulating atmosphere that supports risk-taking & encourages students to express their ideas.

Offers student a continuous intake registration, work at their pace model for completely online students and a monitored and structured model for the blended learning day students.

Follow the curriculum set out by the Ontario Ministry of Education & adhere to the principles & policies outlined in “Growing Success: Assessment & Evaluation, & Reporting in Ontario Schools” to improve student learning. Due to the nature of our online courses, we can also enhance the curriculum to engage students, promote interaction & differentiate activities to meet the needs of all learners.

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