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Drama (ADA4M)

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Ottawa - Ontario - Canada

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About the course

This course requires students to experiment individually and collaboratively with forms and conventions of both drama and theatre from various cultures and time periods. Students will interpret dramatic literature and other texts and media sources while learning about various theories of directing and acting. Students will examine the significance of dramatic arts in various cultures, and will analyse how the knowledge and skills developed in drama are related to their personal skills, social awareness, and goals beyond secondary school.

Overrall expectations

By the end of the course you will:

Creating And Presenting

By the end of this course, students will:

  • The Creative Process: use the creative process and a variety of sources and forms, both individuallyand collaboratively, to design and develop drama works;
  • .Elements and Conventions: use the elements and conventions of drama effectively in creating individual and ensemble drama works, including works based on a variety of sources;
  • Presentation Techniques and Technologies: use a variety of presentation techniques and technologicaltools to enhance the impact of drama works and communicate for specific audiences and purposes.
Reflecting, Responding, Andanalysing

By the end of this course, students will:

  • The Critical Analysis Process: use the critical analysis process to reflect on and evaluate their ownand others’ drama works;
  • Drama and Society: demonstrate an understanding of how societies present and past use or have useddrama, and of how creating and viewing drama can benefit individuals, groups, and communities;
  • Connections Beyond the Classroom: identify knowledge and skills they have acquired through dramaactivities, and demonstrate an understanding of ways in which they can apply this learning in personal,social, and career contexts.

By the end of this course, students will:

  • Concepts and Terminology: demonstrate an understanding of the nature and functions of dramaforms, elements, conventions, and techniques, including the correct terminology for the various components;
  • Contexts and Influences: demonstrate an understanding of the origins and development of dramaand theatre arts and their influence on past and present societies;
  • Responsible Practices: demonstrate an understanding of safe, ethical, and responsible personal andinterpersonal practices in drama activities.

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