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Using Mathletics to Fill in Knowledge Gaps

Mathletics is a comprehensive online math learning platform that can be an effective tool for helping students fill in knowledge gaps and improve their math skills. Mathletics can transform how students learn math through a comprehensive program that builds confidence through personalized learning, exciting games, and mastery challenges. Here are a few ways that Mathletics can be used to fill in knowledge gaps:

Personalized learning
Mathletics uses adaptive learning technology to create personalized learning plans for individual students based on their strengths and weaknesses. This can help students fill in knowledge gaps and focus on areas where they need support. Animated support guides students through concepts. It is like having a math tutor 24 hours a day. Mathletics allows students to take learning into their hands, developing their autonomy, problem-solving, and ability to work independently. Critical thinking is challenged while enabling students to share their work through writing, drawing, or talking. Mathletics’ personalized approach means students are more likely to quickly understand and retain what they study than traditional math teaching methods.

Multimedia lessons and activities
It offers multimedia lessons and activities, including interactive games, videos, and exercises, to help students learn math concepts in a fun and engaging way. Mathletics provides learners with the chance to put their mathematics skills to use through activities and challenges that are relevant and attention-grabbing. As a result, students find mastery without getting bored by repetition.

There are two critical areas in Mathletics

Skill Quests

Both areas develop different skills and understanding.

Mathletics Activities are core curriculum 10-set questions designed to build strong foundational skills, whereas Skill Quests is a stepped learning sequence aimed at developing mathematical understanding and fluency. The student’s activities can be viewed in the “Activities” tab, and the topic bar can be expanded to view the activities under each topic. The progress bar is present on the right of each activity and shows the student’s achievement in that particular activity. The green bar means the activity has been completed and the student has mastered it. The yellow indicates that these activities still need to be completed. Any activity with an empty bar means the activity has yet to be started. The ‘Quests’ tab is where the student has completed all the Quests. Each Skill Quests topic also has its progress bar. Expand the Quests to see which topic has been mastered or check how many steps the student has left with the remaining merit tokens. The ‘mastered bar’ means that they have mastered all the Skill Quests in that topic. Finally, the student’s past assessments can be viewed in the ‘Assessments’ tab.

Detailed progress tracking
Mathletics tracks student progress in real-time, providing detailed feedback and progress reports that can help educators identify areas where students may be struggling and provide targeted support to help them fill in knowledge gaps. The regular progress of the students and classes can be assessed based on the in-depth reports generated by Mathletics, and future lessons can be planned accordingly. Mathletics is flexible in that it not only allows teachers to assign different types of assessments but also allows them to assign them to specific students. All student reports are available in real-time, so tracking the progress and adjusting the curriculum is much easier.

Collaborative learning opportunities
It offers a range of collaborative learning tools and activities, including online chat and messaging, that can help students work together to fill in knowledge gaps and improve their math skills. Mathletics blends intrinsic (internal) and extrinsic (external) rewards with creative adventures to create captivating experiences that test learners’ knowledge and abilities. Mathletics complements and reinforces schoolwork and classroom learning, with complete control from the parent, tutor, or home educator. Mathletics offers rewards for completing activities to keep learners engaged. Students are awarded certificates, Mathletics points, and Hall of Fame, and access to Meritopia motivates them to do their best.

Students are awarded points each time they complete an activity, and once they accumulate 1000 or more points in a week, they are awarded a certificate.

Mathletics is a powerful tool for helping students fill in knowledge gaps and improve their math skills. By using its personalized learning plans, multimedia lessons, activities, detailed progress tracking, and collaborative learning opportunities, educators can effectively support students as they work to fill in any gaps in their math knowledge and build a strong foundation for future learning. I hope parents and teachers have the answer to what Mathletics is and what a useful educational tool it can be. KAI Global School believes in using educational tools like Mathletics to enhance the online class experience for our students.

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